Sun Hats For Men

Top 5 Sun Hats For Men

There are a variety of sun hats that are suitable for men available for purchase. These hats are designed to be customized to the person wearing them and can be adjusted. During our research we considered a number of aspects like the style and the material. Being exposed to the sun for an extended period of time can be uncomfortable. Aside from the pain on the face and eyes, sunburn can also be exhausting on the head. To ensure your safety and comfort, we suggest wearing a hat with the right style and design.

The North Face

The North Face offers a range of sun hats for males which offer top UPF protection. For instance, its Twist and Pouch Brimmer hat is UPF 40+-certified and offers 97.5% UV protection. The hat is lightweightand mobile, and comes with an adjustable chin strap. This hat is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking in the mountains or golfing on the green.

These hats are suitable for a variety of activities, including gardening and hot desert hikes. The brim of these male hats is 360 degrees, and the fabric is ventilated. They are UPF 50+ protection, UV protection, and strategically placed 3D mesh for cooling ventilation. If you're looking for a classic look, try the Sinsola one, which is available in six colors.

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap is another excellent option. Made from organic cotton the sun hat is flexible and affordable. The hat also includes an adjustable neck cape that provides extra protection from the sun's harmful rays. And the adjustable chin strap is comfortable to wear for a long time. You'll be happy you bought one! It's a great value for a sun hat for men.


Columbia sun hats designed for men offer excellent protection from harmful UV rays of the sun. For added comfort, some are constructed with mesh linings. Some are water-resistant and adjustable. Some even come with fun prints. Below are a few of most popular Columbia sun hats available for men. There are many styles and designs to choose from that will be the best fit for your preferences.

Columbia coolhead ball caps are one of the most stylish sun hats for males. It has an integrated omni-freeze 0 and the omni-shade 50 protection. The coolhead hat is made of an breathable cotton liner and an authentic leather crown band. This is an excellent option for golfing or boating. These hats are polarized to shield against sun's harmful UV rays.

Many Columbia hats are specifically designed for active, outdoor lifestyles. They are made from ventilated materials like PFG mesh, and provide UPF protection. Even the classic booney hat comes with a UPF 50 fabric. This hat is comfortable and provides excellent protection. It also has an ultra-sweat-wicking hatband. The hat can be carried around in a pocket.

Another hat that is light is the Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat. It features mesh panels inside the crown that allow airflow to flow through. The mesh panels are breathable and allow water to escape the hat, and they also prevent sweat from accumulating inside the hat. There are even Columbia sun hats designed for men with mesh panels that help wick away excess moisture. These hats are great for outdoor activities.

Outdoor Research

You'll find numerous reasons to buy an Outdoor Research sun hat. Its Sombriolet hat is the most comfortable, though it is a bit small. It has good ventilation but still feels comfortable. The sun hats designed for outdoor research are also lightweight and have an UPF rating of more than 50. If you plan to wear it for long periods of time, it's best to choose a hat to keep your head cool.

One type of outdoor sun hat suitable for men is the Sombriolet. The wide brim blocks the sun away from your neck and face. It is made from synthetic materials that keep your head dry and cool even in the extreme temperatures. The cap's moisture-wicking fabric makes it an ideal option for windy and hot weather. It's not as important to have many features or a fancy sun cap if you don't want it to cost a lot.

Despite its light weight, Outdoor Research sun hats for men provide maximum UV protection as well as full UV protection. Many of them have an underside brim with a dark shade to minimize the glare. Other characteristics of Outdoor Research sun hats for men include a wicking hairband, the chin cord can be removed, and 50UPF ratings. These hats are available in different sizes and colors. It is recommended to verify the UPF rating prior to making a purchase one. Also, consider your personal preferences.


The LTM6 Airflo Hat features a broad brim, measuring 3.25 inches in front and 2.25 inches back. It is a perfect cap for leisure or boating activities that require you to be in the sun for a long time. The hat has a double wind cord system to ensure that it will not lose its shape when soaked in water.

This lightweight hat is made of durable UPF 50+ nylon, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable. With its water-resistant finish the hat shields you from sun's rays rain or shine, providing maximum comfort. The Tilley Airflo hat is available in two different colors: olive and khaki. There are a variety of colors available, so you're certain to find one that suits your preferences and style.


Smartwool is famous for its wool socks and apparel. However the company also makes rugged headwear. The Smartwool Sun Hat is made with a merino wool-lined liner, a stretchy foam brim as well as a drawcord around the crown to adjust the fit. It comes in two colorways, navy and khaki, and is available in medium and large sizes. Comfortable wear is possible due to the adjustable brim.

REI Co-op

Since the beginning of 1900, the REI Co-op has been making high-quality sun caps and accessories for men. The REI Explorer Hat was created for outdoor adventures in warm weather. It features a wide brim to shield your neck and face from the sun. Cool breezes can pass through the hat because of its vented crown. Sun hats from REI are wide-brimmed and designed to protect your skin while keeping it dry.