Straw Cowboy Hats For Men

Straw Cowboy Hats For Men

There are many options available for straw cowboy hats. You can purchase one that is hand-woven by Resistol or pick one of the numerous options offered by Ariat or Stetson. You might also consider straw western hats made of shantung. Find out more about each style and where you can purchase these. If you are having trouble selecting a hat, then the Resistol Handwoven Straw Western Cowboy Hat and the Open Road 200X Shantung Straw Western Hat could be the best options.

Resistol's hand-woven straw cowboy hats

If you're looking for a handmade made straw cowboy hat which is comfortable and stylish, Resistol has a collection for you. These hats come in various colors and are made from lightweight and robust materials. The Ryker 20x cap, which is one of the most well-loved models offered by the company is ideal for outdoor activities and rodeos. It's light and has an eye-catching crown design and a Dri-Lex sweatband that is shaped to your body. It is available in red and is sure to be noticed by everyone.

At first, the sale of Resistol hats was limited to Texas and Oklahoma, but innovations like the Kitten Finish and Self-Conforming band were recognized throughout the country. The company relocated to a larger facility in Garland Texas to produce their hats. As the company continues to expand and expand, it has adjusted its processes to meet changing consumer demands.

The Tucker Wool Felt Western Hat is an excellent example of the high-end Resistol hand woven hats. The hat is constructed of 100 wool felt, and has the modest brim size of 4 inches. The hat's hat band, comprised of suede lace, is decorated with a John B. Stetson metallic accent pin.

The Hooked 2 Cowboy Hat is part of the Bent Rail Collection and is available in various colors. The cowboy crown is the main feature of the hat, and features 7X fur felt construction. The leather sweatband and lining is made. It is produced in the USA and is a must for every man. It's also available in a smaller size which is ideal for summer.

Ariat's Toyo Straw Western Cowboy Hat

The Toyo Straw Western Cowboy Hat made of lightweight toyo straw is adorned with a sleek leather band. It measures 4" across the crown and 3 1/2" wide at the brim. It is made in Mexico. Ariat's Toyo Straw Western Hat is an excellent choice for sun protection. A vented crown keeps wearer cool, and the brim in the back adds protection.

The Toyo Straw Western Cowboy Hat is a new design in the Scala range of cowboy caps is now available. The straw is 100 100% toyo straw, and the sweatband is elasticized COOLMAX to keep the wearer cool. On the brim, the hat is decorated with silver stars and a hat band made of leather fastened with tie-backs.

This cowboy hat features an adjustable sweat band as well as a 4.25" brim. The subtle X-pattern on this hat is a subtle feature that emphasizes its quality. It doesn't matter if you're planning to spend your day at the ranch or strolling around town, a western hat is a great option. This hat is perfect for putting on your slacks or cowboy attire.

Stetson's Open Road 200X Shantung Straw Western Hat

The Stetson Open Road 200X Shantung Straw Western hat is an improved version of the original Western hat that is open-road. The hat is part of the Stetson Premier Collection and is constructed of 200X Shantung Straw. It is manufactured in the USA. It has a traditional cattleman crown with diamond vents, a snap brim of 2 5/8 inches, and a more compact shape than a traditional fedora.

The Open-road series was introduced for the first time in 1976. The first Open Road western hat was so popular that it was subsequently taken off by the brand. The Open-road 200X Shantung Straw Hat is made in the USA and is a classic cowboy-style crown. It is made with a 2 5/8" snap brim, and features a smaller, more comfortable fit than the typical fedora.

The crown of the hat is made out of Shantung straw. The crown is four inches high, and the brim is two and a half inches wide. It comes with all-around cooling and a sweatband made of leather to offer additional comfort. To complete the appearance, the hat features an authentic leather sweatband as well as a Stetson Pin. Stetson is one of the names you can trust for its style.

The Open Road Western Hat is the most sought-after shape in the Stetson collection that is worn by presidents and ranchers as well. It is made of smooth shantung straw with a two-and-a-half-inch brim and an interior sweatband. It features an ebony grosgrain hatband that is black for comfort and a sweatband which keeps your cool. DelMonico Hatter has the Open Road in stock

The Shantung Open Road is one of the most affordable styles of hats on the market today. Its 4" crown height and 2 1/2-inch brim make it the ideal everyday hat. The Open Road, a cowboy or western hat that is the smallst size, is the ideal blend of urban and country style. It features a sweatband made of leather and a adjustable chin strap that allows you to easily pull it down during a storm.

The story of Stetson Hats dates back to 1865, when John B. Stetson founded the company with a sum of $100 and $10 of fur. Stetson's success was based on quality, innovation and durability and hatmaking wasn't a popular profession back then. The manufacturing plant is located in Garland, Texas and is one of the largest in the U.S.