Mens Straw Hats

Mens Straw Hats

Straw hats for men come in a variety of sizes and styles, as well as the bucket brim style that is traditional. Browse the selection at Macy's and department stores to find the right one for you. You can also avail free shipping on select items. So what are you wasting time for? Take a look! If you're in doubt look up this article! Here are the facts!

3.1-inch Brims

If you're looking for a new hat, you may be wondering if 3.1-inch brims are necessary. These hats are usually made of Ecuadorian Quito straw and are paired with traditional grosgrain ribbon. This hat style has a 3.1-inch wide brim and raw cut edges. The hat is designed and made in Chicago, and can be customized to your specifications. To be eligible for a lifetime warranty, you must purchase it in Chicago.

A hat with a 3.0 inch brim will offer more protection from sun's UV radiation. You won't suffer from sunburn while wearing a hat that has a 3.1-inch the brim. This is the standard size for straw hats. It will look cool, no matter what outdoor activity you're engaged in, and it will keep you looking sharp.

A straw fedora hat that has a 3.1-inch wide brim is a great choice. It will shield you from the sun and look great. While the 3.1-inch wide brim is possible but it's not necessary. A hat with a wider brim may not be practical for those who are in the sunshine all day. A hat with a 3.1-inch the brim is best suited for warmer weather. A smaller hat is best for spring and winter.

Yuma II

The Yuma II men's straw hat is made in the USA made of Ecuadorian straw. It is trimmed with classic grosgrain ribbon with an increased weft-to-warp ratio and raw edges. The 3.1-inch Brim is a delicate brimline. The hat is fully lined with a comfortable sweatband. It can be worn in various places thanks to the adjustable brim.

The straw hat for men is manufactured by Super Duper Hats. It is available in six sizes, one for each size head. No matter if you're small, medium, or large, the Yuma II has the perfect fit for you. You can pick between five numbered sizes and one size that fits all, or one that is a perfect fit for your head. There's a Yuma cap to fit all.

It comes with it with a UPF 50+ rating. It is sweat-proof, waterproof and adjustable. It has a band for the chin as well as an adjustable band. This cap is a great summer purchase at just $49 It's great with a swimsuit or summery suit. In addition, it features a stylish, modern design. This hat will make you feel at right at home.

Stetson Stratoliner

One of Stetson's most recognizable styles is the Stetson Stratoliner straw hat. While it's not the first thing that comes to mind when a man steps out wearing a suit this iconic hat provides stylish style and a sophisticated look for any occasion. If you're looking for the perfect piece of your outfit, the Stratoliner is a fantastic choice.

The Stratoliner hat comes in four colors. The sweatband is constructed of fine leather, with regular stitches to hold it in place. The cowhide sweatband has the Stetson logo and a satin liner that helps keep your head dry. The sweatband is small, which means it holds your cap securely and doesn't get smacked on by the felt. A good quality hat is one that is fashionable and comfortable.

The Stratoliner is an excellent example of high quality men's caps. Despite its cost, the Stratoliner offers a broad selection of styles and colors for men. The Stratoliner Milan Fedora is available for $195. This men's straw cap is made of the highest quality material, including Italian Raffia despite the cost.

Scala Snap Brim Panama Hat

The Scala Snap Brim Panama Hat for men is a slim brimmed fedora that will add a rugged appearance to any outfit. This hat is crafted from hand-woven paper fibers. This means that it is lightweight and breathable. The snaps are Teflon-coated , and secured with a grosgrain hat band. It's a great option for the outdoors or for a day at the office.

A Panama cap's versatility is one of its most appealing features. You can wear it with a variety of outfits, giving you an informal, relaxed appearance. You can pick from a range of styles and colors to fit your personal style. The best part is that there are styles to fit every personality. You'll never appear out of your place wearing a Panama hat, no matter if it's for work or a weekend.


For work or for play, Almafi straw hats for males are as attractive as they are functional. Straw hats are well-known for their durability, and can range from simple wide-brim styles , to designer styles. Stars are often found on Western straw hats, to show their quality. One brand that makes straw made of raffia is Mayser, which is made up of 100% raffia.

The 100%-straw cap is light and breathable. It comes with an adjustable chin strap that will keep it in place even in the midst of a storm. The hat is made with an engraved logo that is small, and is available in various colors and sizes. Despite its light-weight design it is susceptible to water damage, so it's advisable to choose a size or two larger if you're in between.

Seagrass straw is made of various seagrass species that are found in coastal areas. It can be dyed dark yellow or left as it is. In either case, it emits an aroma that is fresh. The loosely-woven shapes of these men's hats allow adequate airflow. They also absorb sweat from the head and endure a light rainstorm. These hats are durable enough to be worn for everyday use.

The Amalfi cap is a fantastic summer accessory that blends function with style. The hat is constructed from the most luxurious Mexican palm leaves and can be worn as you enjoy a refreshing beverage or exploring the countryside. Its robust properties make it an excellent choice for adventurous days in the sun or for those who prefer a rugged look. The brim will hold its shape, texture, colour and color.

Will and Bear

The Will and Bear Rider hat is unlined and features a slightly floppier brim than the Stevie, and a leather lanyard. This hat is ideal for outdoor activities and is an ideal fit for men who love the great outdoors. Their designs reflect the strong Australian roots of the Australian brand. The hat is made of 100 percent palm fronds. This makes it breathable and light.

The Yuma II hat has a delicate 3.1-inch wide brim. The hats are made in Chicago from Ecuadorian Quito straw and finished with grosgrain ribbons that have raw edges. The company also gives to the rainforest rescue and biodiversity groups for each hat sold. The hats can be personalized and is only available in Chicago. You can get 10 percent off your first order and exclusive updates.

Classic styles with a refined appeal are wool fedoras or straw sun hats. These hats come with a wide brim and are the perfect size for warm days. They are also made of natural fibres and are able to change from daily use to special occasions. A hat is a great accessory on any day and can be worn with any outfit. There are many layers of protection because a hat provides high levels of sun protection.