Men's Dress Hats

Popular Men's Dress Hats

Men's dress hats can provide the finishing touch to any outfit, regardless if you're dressing up for the occasion of a costume party or a fancy dress event. From sombreros and fedoras to berets and cowboy hats made of plastic the men's hats can look ridiculous. Find out which hat will work for your next fancy-dress event. Below, you'll find a few of the most popular styles for men's hats.

Cap for Mariner

The mariner cap, which is a traditional dress cap for men was originally designed for fishermen. It is often referred to as the Greek fisherman’s cap. It has soft crowns with a short brim, and band detailing. It was popularized in the 1960s by the Beatles and other rock stars however it has since become an everyday choice for men. This style is also a symbol of punk rock and bohemian thought.

It can be worn with formal or casual outfits. A woolen checked blazer, or a chunky jumper is great with the marine cap. The mariner cap can be worn with short trousers, a T shirt or a stylish jacket in the summer. The mariner style is an excellent choice for any occasion. No matter whether it's a corporate event or an evening out with the guys, a marine cap is sure to look stylish.


The classic fedora for men can be made from fur, felt, and animal hide. The shape is usually folded and has a narrow crown. It is designed to be squeezed at its highest point. A classic fedora is an elegant style with a narrow brim that's turned towards the front and then up toward the back. It's a versatile item that can be worn on any occasion and looks stunning with any ensemble.

The fedora looks great with a sweater and collared shirt, or with jeans and a sweater. It will make you look elegant and elegant. It is fantastic with a leather jacket or a fine fur coat in warm weather. It is a great accessory to wear as part of a casual look. You can also dress up your fedora by adding ribbons or feathers to complement the traditional color scheme.

Indiana Jones, an archeologist who was also an adventurer, first put on the Fedora. The 1930s were the era of action movies and Indiana Jones was a tribute to the famous action heroes. Indiana Jones wore a brown snap brim fedora during the movie. Despite the hat's aristocratic name its iconic appearance is still associated with the film.


The classic semi-formal look of the homburg men's dress hat has an indented crown, a broad brim and a classic homburg men’s dress hat. Popular in the early 20th century, the style has seen declining popularity in recent years. The hat's large dimensions allow for bold statement-making. The homburg is a great accessory with any outfit, even though it's no longer worn daily.

Affectionately known for its classic look, the Homburg men's dress hat has a long history that is as old as the 1800s. The hat was first made by Johann Georg Mockel in 1806, when he joined a hatmaking family. Mockel's son was especially interested in machinery and attended exhibitions to get acquainted with the latest equipment. By 1856, the company employed the first steam engine in Bad Homburg. The company was so successful that it employed over a hundred workers at the end of the century. The dove was put on the hat to symbolize the lightness of its final product.

The homburg men's dress hat is among the most stylish and traditional types of men's hats. These hats are suitable for formal occasions but they look particularly stylish when worn with a dark-colored tux and a business suit that is fully tailored. These hats look fantastic with smart shoes in winter. You can put a feather on your brim for a touch of style. The feather can be tied into the hatband to make it appear more casual and adds a nice accent.


The Stetson men's dress hat the perfect choice for those who love country music. The hat has a western look and is appropriate for a variety occasions, from bailing hay at the ranch to events with a theme and even Western evening events. It is important to choose the appropriate color according to the time of day. As a bonus you can wear it during a day off or a night-out without any remorse.

Classic Stetson-Saxon men's dress hat: This classic men’s dress hat is made of Royal Quality furfelt is made. It has two" brim with underwelt and an 4 1/2" crown that is cenderdent. The hat is fitted with feathers that can be removed and is lined with a genuine cowhide sweatband. The hat is made in the USA and will look fantastic with any outfit.

Established in 1865, John B. Stetson changed perceptions and created one of the largest and most successful businesses in the United States. His company's history is based on innovations, and he designed numerous new styles of hats that serve both function and fashion. The attention to detail has made him a brand known for its quality. Stetson styles are available in a variety of sizes in colors, materials, and styles.


The Temple hat's style is a tribute to a 1940s New York City jazz club. The crown's center pinch is finished with a wide grosgrain ribbon hat band with a striking feather accent and a roan leather sweatband on the interior. The look is completed with a high-quality felt crown and roan-leather sweatband. It's bound to be a conversation piece. It's stylish and males will be compelled to wear it because of its beauty.

This is a classic men's dress hat with a four-inch-center-dent crown, dimensional brim, and genuine roan sweatband. It also has a feather that can be removed and a Stetson hat box. You can be sure that your hat was made in the USA. This is an excellent choice for any formal event since it's appropriate for any occasion.

Felt lampshade

A simple lamp shade hat for men's dress shirt is a chic option. Typically made of light sinamay, the lampshade hat is perfect for warm weather occasions and for the warmest nights. It is also light and easy to carry around. Here are some suggestions to choose the right lamp shade for men. This article is for informational purposes only.

Toucan hat

A Men's Toucan Hat is the perfect accessory for your beach look. This stylish hat is made from durable materials and has classic Guinness Toucan artwork. The adjustable Toucan cap can be adjusted to accommodate any head size. As with any Guinness hat, you'll love the unique style and wit this brand is famous for.