Men Cowboy Hats

Men Cowboy Hats

If you're looking for a distinctive cowboy hat for your western attire, consider an authentic one. These hats come in different styles and materials, ranging from round to a sharp pinch. The sharp crease of the brim is a great way to highlight your cheekbones and jawline that have been sculpted. Flat brims let in equally light, while brims with a downturned angle provide a certain sexiness to your appearance.

Natural straw

A cowboy hat for men is a great method to add style to an outfit. These hats are made from natural materials, such as straw, and can be worn for every occasion, including the workplace. Natural straw hats can be worn everywhere because they are lightweight and comfortable. They are available in a variety of different styles and colors.

There are a variety of different kinds of straw cowboy hats worn by straw men. Some are made from split fibers of pandan tree leaves. They are porous, yet strong and durable, despite being porous. They are also cheaper than other hats. Prices for straw cowboy hats can vary based on their style. Hatcountry provides more details about the materials used to make these hats.

The strength of your hat depends on the material you choose. Felt is more durable than straw, because it is lighter than felt. It is also stronger and consequently more stable. However, both kinds of hats for cowboys can be worn during warm or cold weather. To choose the right one for your lifestyle you should select a material that is durable and will keep you comfortable. Because it keeps your head cool, a strawmen's cowboy cap is an excellent option for warmer climates. A felt hat would be the best choice if reside in a colder region.

Wool blend

A wool blend men's cowboy hat has a lovely, soft and comfortable feel. It bounces back when you sit down on it. The brim is curved nicely and the crown is 4.75 inches. The hat features a crushable wool fabric, a leather-accented hatband and sweatband. This hat comes in different colors that include olive green, black, and camel.

The Destry Wool Felt Western Hat from the Eddy Bros. Hat Company has a classic western look and a stunning leather hat band. The sweatband of the hat is also comfortable. Modernized brim has a cut edge. It is possible to wear this cap with any outfit and feel confident. The brim can be worn in a curving shape to ensure ease of wearing. A brimmed hat is worn in a speakeasy to impress!

The Tombstone Wool Felt Western Hat is a different option. It is 100% wool felt, and features a classic crown design. The hat is water-resistant and can be easily packed. It is made from 100 wool felt. It has a cotton twill sweatband to provide additional comfort. Stetson also offers the Western Wool Felt Gambler Hat. It has a telescope crown and a leather sweatband with faux conch accents. For maximum comfort this hat isn't lined.

The Tom Mix cowboy cap is one of the most famous cowboy hats for men. Tom Mix, a legendary cowboy star, started his career in silent films in 1909, and continued until his death in 1935. The Gus cap is made of rabbit fur. It is trimmed with grosgrain ribbon hatband. These men's cowboy hats are timeless pieces for any wardrobe and will last for years.


If you're looking for the best cowboy hats for men the X-mark will help you determine its quality. Usually, the more X's an hat is equipped with the more, the better. However, X-marking isn't an industry standard, and the number of X's on a label may not indicate the quality of a particular hat. To avoid any duds it is crucial to carefully read the label.

It is essential to know the size of your head when picking a top hat. Adult sizes of hats vary between 6 3/4 and 7 1/4, though they may be a little larger. You should select the larger size if you're in between sizes. Size 7 1/4 is equivalent to 23 inches. Make sure to buy the hat that is suitable for you well, as wearing a hat too small can cause irritation of the skin and headaches.

A good cowboy hat should be comfortable. It should be light, yet durable. It should be comfortable but flexible. If you're wearing cowboy boots your hat should match with the boots. You can also make your hat look stylish by opting for a black cowboy cap with metal studs on both the faux leather band or chin strap. To determine the proper size, refer to the sizing chart of the hat.

Depending on the climate you live in, you should think about wearing an hat made of wool or straw. Felt hats are suitable in damp climates and are more durable. Wool hats can become very hot and they may not breathe well in the summertime. Before you purchase a wool blend or straw, make sure to check the climate.

Seventies Wranglers

The wide-brimmed felt hat has become more popular than ever. Its wide-brimmed design has been appreciated by city babes and country men alike as the ultimate wool accessory. The Wrangler x Billabong collection offers an updated version of the cowboy hat. The collaboration blends the stories of two iconic brands. Wrangler fans will get free shipping and a 30 day return policy.

The "Boss of the Plains" hat has a four-inch crown and flat brim. It is light and natural-looking. The hatband is designed to comfortably fit around the head. These hats are essential to any western attire. They'll make you feel like a real cowboy! These cowboy hats are perfect for hot summer days.

Tom Mix

This Stetson Tom mix men's cowboy cap features the brim of a 6X fur-felt. It is part of the Stetsons Legendary Collection. It comes with a 5" bound brim rolled with pencil as well as 4 1/2" front crown and a 7" back crown. It also has a 3/4" grosgrain ribbon band as well as an elastic sweatband made of leather. The interior is lined with full satin. It also comes with an Stetson case.

The Tom Mix men’s cowboy hat is inspired by the hats worn by Hollywood stars in the 1930s. The crown is tall and has a broad brim. The brim is decorated with hand-painted feathers. It is adorned with a 1 inch satin hatband that has a bow. The hat is available in CAMO or Dyed Natural styles. It is ideal for outdoor activities because the crown is slightly sloping.

The Tom Mix men's cowboy hat is also called the Montana cowboy hat. The hat's crown is bigger than the Cattleman cowboy cap. The style is reminiscent of western hats worn by film stars of the old west. It is similar to Gus cowboy and Cattleman hats, however it has a crease on the crown. It also has an upturn of half-inch in the brim.

This classic western hat has a 5" bound pencil-brim. It also has a 5" bound, pencil-brim. The crown measures four and a quarter inches tall and 7 inches wide. It features a leather sweatband that has a satin interior. It comes with a Stetson hat box , which is constructed of 6X fur felt. The western cowboy hat will add a unique flair to your outfit.

Limited edition

In the past the cowboy hat was a symbol of power and exclusion. Nowadays, it's an essential part of men's western and country clothing. Hats are available in different sizes and colors. They can also be customized with natural stones or rhinestones to give them a unique style. A cowboy hat gives you a rugged, charismatic appearance. It is a classic piece of western clothing that has a long-standing history and deep roots in American History.

There is a limited edition mens cowboy hat that complements your style, whether you prefer a traditional western look or something more contemporary. The JM Limited Edition hat is one of Moore's signature cowboy hats, and is often seen wearing it. This men's cowboy cap features a thin band with eyelets and metallic conchos. The brim is constructed of heavy-wire, which helps to maintain its shape. The interior is also equipped with a comfortable sweatband.

Limited edition men's cowboy hat by Stetson is made of 100% toyo straw and is manufactured in Mexico. It has a semi-firm body with an gus crown. The brim is 4 3/8" wide. The look is completed with leather sweatbands and chin strap. Two sizes are available, one with the John Wayne stamp. All styles are guaranteed unique.