Llamas With Hats

FilmCow produces animated comedy series "Llamas with Hats". It was developed by Jason Steele after the success of Charlie the Unicorn. There are 12 episodes in the series. The series has been praised by critics. Here's a look some of the episodes. Listed below are some of my top picks:


In the Llamas with Hats series, the deuteragonist is named "Paul". He becomes a minor character later on and is not seen often. Paul is a static figure in every video. He does not move any part his body. His light brown fur and red hat that has an orange flower are easily identifiable, and he sports a angry face. The episode is a lesson for him about Paul the evil and how to stop it.

In the third episode, Carl stabs Paul's dead body, forcing the llama to confront him. At some point, the two llamas are able to become enemies, despite the fact that they're friends. However, the relationship between Carl and Paul is not as smooth and their differences are a major cause of conflict. Paul and Carl have to resolve their differences or risk the fates of the human race.

Carl's actions shouldn't be shocking to Paul The actions of Carl aren't surprising to Paul, but Carl is. He suspects Carl of having ulterior motives that Paul isn't sure about. Carl attempts to convince Paul of his evil intentions by listing some of the seemingly innocent actions he takes during the day, for instance, digging up the dead garden in the backyard of a neighbor. Carl also tries convincing Paul that it is "totally fucked".

Although most people would think of the character as a "cute" one, Paul is not really cute. But, he does have a dark side. He is a dangerous psychopath and can cause a lot of harm to people. Carl becomes obsessed by Paul and snaps at Paul when they split up. He is still cruel to the llamas, however. Paul's tragic demise is the final episode.

Red hat

There are a myriad of names for llamas. So it's easy enough to create puns or jokes to match the fluffy fur. Llama's have been the focus of many popular cartoons including South Park and Sesame Street. Their names are usually cute and clever twists on popular characters. And, as with most animals, they are sociable and often allow you to pet them.

In addition to being useful as fiber, llamas are also acknowledged for their contributions to the world of textiles. While llamas are famous for their wool, they are also lovable pets. They are curious and affectionate, and can be both affectionate and entertaining. It's impossible not to smile when you're in their presence! This video highlights the lovable traits of llamas.

Yellow flower

FilmCow has produced a series of videos titled Llamas with Hats. In this video the llama Carl lives in an apartment with its owner, Paul. As Carl develops in intelligence and knowledge, he starts to press Paul to finish his task. Later, Carl discovers Paul is dead and begins to pressure him to finish his work. He sinks the whole cruise ship by tearing holes into other lifeboats.

Hands or Hungry

The Hungry Hand is a melee weapon belonging to the Spooky faction. It is utilized by the Vampire. It does not cause damage to the hands of the vampire and doesn't cause any damage. However, it has an extended cooldown time than regular fists. The Hungry Hand is useful when you have to stop an enemy unit. But, most units disengage after a few minutes. The Hungry Hand icon shows a Vampire face, but it's not attached to the unit.