Fitted Hats With Patches

If you're looking to find an easy way to add some flair to your fitted hat, consider adding patches. There are a variety of sizes and shapes of patches. Simple, round patches can be sewn directly onto the hat. Complex images can be heat-pressed. Another option for adding a touch of flair is to use rubber patches. These patches are constructed with multiple layers of colored rubber that give the appearance of a three-dimensional. They also allow users to discern the colors easily regardless of what the surroundings is.


If you are a fan of the 59FIFTY fitted hat, you will love these unique hats that feature colorful under brims and bottoms. The under brim is the material that covers the front bill of the hat. The patches can be anything from a favorite sports team or a favorite movie character to a slogan. This style is ideal for all occasions, whether it's for school, the office, or just about any other situation.

Most New Era 59FIFTY fitted hats have embroidered patches on the right and left panels. These patches feature MLB teams and other team logos, including the Super Bowl and the All-Star Game. You can also find patches with general artwork, including NBA and MLB team logos. There are many types of patches available for this style of hat, so you're sure to find one you'll love!

Custom colorways are another hot trend in fitted hats. Throughout the '90s, New Era began producing custom colorways for their customers. The legendary filmmaker Spike Lee, for example, requested a red Yankees fitted hat just before the 1996 World Series. After he received his order, New Era president Chris Koch called the New York Yankees' owner, George Steinbrenner, and the team owner allowed the company to produce a red 59Fifty.

If you're looking for a low-profile, adjustable fitted hat with patch detail, consider a 9TWENTY cap from New Era. The ninety has a low profile and adjustable brim that is sometimes called a dad hat, a nod to the '50s and '60s baseball cap styles. They can be folded flat and packed in your suit case, and their pre-curved visor makes them perfect for your growing child.

If you're in search of an athletic cap, you should consider the Contrast Patch 9TWENTY ad-hoc cap. The front of this cap is decorated with striking graphics. The adjustable strap makes it easy to adjust to a more comfortable fit. The straps that are adjustable allow you to adjust the fitting to your head. You can also personalize your new hat using patches you'd like!


Whether you're into snapbacks or fitted hats, a 59fifty snapback with patch is sure to impress. These sports-inspired caps have the same basic structure as the 59fifty. They have a full crown, a flat visor, and a reinforced front panel. They may come with a primary color and a patch on the front panel, or they may feature a different color. These hats also come with adjustable snapback layouts and straps, but they may not fit everyone.
Pink Bottom Yankees cap

Add a unique touch to your wardrobe with the pink bottom of a Pink Bottom Yankees fitted hat with patches! Wear it with your favorite outfit and show off your style! You can also add a matching pink bottom hat to your collection. You can even add a 1951 World Series Side Patch to your hat! You'll love the unique pink color that makes this hat stand out from the crowd!

New Era Kids' Subway Series 59FIFTY fitted hat is an authentic MLB licensed product. The 59FIFTY cap features a lavender poly crown and a light pink undervisor. It features embroidered graphics on the front and a matching official 1927 World Series patch embroidery logo and Cooperstown NY patch embroidery. The pink cap is available in True Fitted Sizing. It is one of the few children's hats with an official MLB license.
New Era's 59FIFTY

A New Era 58FIFTY fitted hat can be worn as a casual or dressy piece of headwear. Originally worn by baseball players, these hats have grown to become a staple of American sportswear. Currently available in a variety of colors and styles, New Era's 59FIFTY is an outstanding example of the company's leadership in custom design. In addition to the classic snapback, it also comes in a range of other styles, including fitted and adjustable snapback hats.

The crown of the 59FIFTY fitted hat is structured and will fit most head shapes, especially those with a squared profile. The visor is flat and is also adjustable, so you can choose one that fits comfortably. One thing to note about these hats is that you should buy the correct size. Even if they appear to fit well, they will be uncomfortable if you are one size too small.
Custom-designed patches

If you're looking for an additional way to customize your hat, a custom patch is a great option. Patches come in many different forms and materials, from embroidered or woven to detailed printed. You can have your favorite logo, photo, or illustration reproduced onto a patch. Patches can also be attached to the sides or back of the cap. The possibilities are endless. Whether you want to show your love for a sport, or a school event, a custom patch can make your day.

Embroidered patches can be a great choice for sports teams, employee uniforms, and collectible items. Patches are a great way to add a pop of color while preserving a traditional look. Your logo or message can also be embroidered onto a custom patch. Embroidered patches can also be attached to apparel via a variety of adhesives, including velcro and iron-on.

The world of custom hats has long been popular and embraced pop culture. New Era, the company that started it all, has embraced this trend by creating unique colorways and incorporating celebrities into their designs. Rapper Fat Joe and actor Cam'ron have both produced their own custom colorways and embroidered them onto a cap. The rapper's cap features a shimmering purple bill and a white Dipset and Terror Squad logo. This hat is made of cotton and polyester and features eight rows of bill stitching. The hat retails for $125 and has been produced in numerous colors.

Traditionally, custom embroidery on fitted hats required that each person have their own head measurements. With the introduction of custom Flexfit(r) hats, this is no longer a concern. Custom embroidery on a Flexfit hat means you only need to collect the hat size and the design, and the embroidery expert will prepare the design for you. You can then select the style and color that suits your brand.
Screen printing

There are several different techniques for screen printing on fitted hats with patches. Screen printing is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to decorate headwear and hats. Generally, screen printing requires a fine material screen to apply the ink. BELLA+CANVAS has a guide to screen printing on headwear. Only 56% of decorators offer screen printing services. Some do offer this service, while others only have special parts for hats.

Unlike other products, headwear is made of thick fabric. A thicker fabric absorbs more ink and will hold the print longer. For this reason, polyester and wool are ideal choices for screen printing. Fitted hats with six panels may require a different design process than other styles. You can also try screen printing on trucker hats with patches if the hats are made of polypropylene or other plastic.

Choosing between embroidery and screen printing is ultimately a matter of preference. If you want a more embroidered look, embroidery is a great option. Both methods use a similar amount of setup time, so the price difference between them is minimal unless you plan on ordering in bulk. The difference in pricing will only become apparent if you order a large quantity of the same type of hat in bulk.