Custom T Shirt Printer

3 Things to Look For When Buying a Custom T Shirt Printer

When it comes to printing custom there are many options to choose from. There are three kinds: heat press and plastisol transfer sheets and digital graphic design. Plastisol transfer sheet printing produces sturdy designs, however the process isn't easy and lead to the design to fall off later on. While this method is great for small-scale orders, it's not recommended for large orders. Let's look at the pros and cons of each printing method.

Roland BN-20

For small businesses and start-ups such as start-ups, the Roland BN-20 custom t shirt printer is a great option. It can be customized to fit a wide range of items, including car decals and t-shirts. Its compact design means that it can easily fit into any shop and allows printing on a variety of products. Here are some of the things you should look out for when purchasing one.

This powerful device can print on many different media, such as t-shirts, and vinyl. Its versatility is unparalleled, and it can be used to print corporate-branded products. VersaWorks 6's True Rich Color presets allow you to create more vibrant colors. The BN-20 can also be used for cutting and laminating media, and it can automatically compensate for the skew of its graphics. This machine also has an Energy Star(r) seal of approval, which ensures the highest efficiency.

Despite the benefits of the BN-20 however, it does have some drawbacks. The Roland BN-20a is not direct-to-garment that means it requires cutting and weeding of vinyl media after printing. That is why it's not the most ideal choice for a home business, but it can be an affordable option for small-scale businesses. A Roland BN-20 is an affordable option for those who are just starting out, since it has a low cost of operation.

The Roland BN-20a custom-designed printer for t-shirts can cut and print. With its built-in cutter Roland BN-20a can cut and print graphics on a broad range of fabrics, like T-shirts. The Roland BN-20a also has the ability to cut vinyl around the design. It can apply vinyl to a variety items, such as tees bags, bags, and vinyl. Despite its price the Roland BN-20a is a high-quality option for businesses that are looking for an affordable way to customize their apparel and shirts.

To get the best results, the Roland BN20 custom T-shirt printer must be set up to support bi-directional printing. Ink cartridges are available separately or in bundles. If you plan to use metallic ink, it is necessary to change the cartridges regularly. This will lead to a lot of waste. However, if you want to reduce the amount of waste produced, this is a great option. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as vehicles, apparel and posters.


The OKI8432WT custom T-shirt printer is a versatile option for companies looking to add a professional look to their products. This printer prints vibrant designs on both dark and light transfer papers as well as on promotional materials. Because of its flexibility, this printer could open up new revenue streams. The printer is much less expensive than screen printing and can print on a variety.

The OKI8432WT is a low-cost color laser printer with excellent print quality. It prints on many different types of fabrics and textiles, such as t-shirts and tanks. It is also able to print on a variety of different substrates, such as cotton, linen and polyester. The printer has the same media system as the one used by a vinyl cutter. To prevent any potential obstruction, the printer features an hopper and a flexible hose.

Stephanie's business was growing rapidly and her OkI 8541WT custom t-shirt printer was the perfect solution. She invested in two more OKI 9541s when her business started to grow. Vinyl Fun saw an increase in sales after she received her OKI 8432WT printers. In December she was given her first 9541.

The OKI8432WT custom-t-shirt printer can be used for home use and small business. This printer is ideal for weekend warriors, crafters, and even home-based businesses. It's more efficient and cost-effective than screen printing. It makes use of a two-step A and B transfer paper. Before you purchase this printer to print T-shirts, be sure to look over its features.

White technology from OKI powers the OKI Pro8432WT custom-designed shirt printer. This toner produces crisp, vivid prints with fine detail. It prints in superior colors than DTG printers. The OKI Pro8432WT's size and easy to use make it a very affordable machine. If you're looking for a custom T-shirt printer, this machine is the ideal option.

Roland Versa Studio

If you're in search of an t-shirt printer take a look at the Versa Studio BT-12. This combination desktop printer/cutter can print full-color A4 images onto cotton-based goods like T-shirts. The VersaStudio BT-12 has a 1200dpi resolution and a cartridge of 100 millilitres. It also comes with Cotodesign software. It also supports CT-A4/A5 printer trays and an optional heater finisher.

The Roland Versa Studio works similarly to a vinyl cutter however, it uses ink. The ink flows through a "head" that automatically retracts the media roll, cutter and the remaining part after it's completed. Because the image has been printed onto the fabric, the Versa Studio's nozzles need to be cleaned frequently and the device comes with an automated cleaning system. For the best results, refer to the instruction manual of the product.

In terms of speed, the VersaStudio's auto contour-cutting feature speeds up production. This device also features Roland Quadralign, which automatically loads graphics to cut. Automated alignment compensates for any skew that happens when the machine encounters curves in the cut path. And with a range of features, it's easy see why VersaStudio is the best custom t shirt printer on the market today.

Dye-sublimation is the most efficient method to print high-quality t-shirts. This technology lets you produce a high-impact design on many different types of clothing, such as shirts, sweatshirts, and other sports equipment. Versa Studio can print on a wide variety of fabrics, including t-shirts. For instance, cotton-based fabrics are great for the DG Texart heat press, while polyester-based fabrics are ideal for smock-sublimation.

The Roland BN-20 is another popular model that has excellent quality for its cost. The printer is eco-solvent ink system and is ideal for jobs that require a short run like t-shirts. The machine is equipped with contour cutting, which is particularly useful for custom graphics. It also comes with free Roland software that allows users to control output and replace consumable parts. The Roland Versa Studio BN-20 combines all the benefits of the Versa Studio t-shirt printer with the smaller footprint and less expensive price.

Roland Versa Studio vs Roland Versa Studio

The OKI8432WT or the BN-20 are among the top contenders for custom t-shirt printers. These machines are different from each other due to the fact that they use different kinds of media, but both can create the identical high-quality designs. The OkI8432WT is better for printing t-shirts on a smaller scale because it uses a smaller amount of transfer material and permits more colors to show through on t-shirts.

Versa STUDIO's direct-to-garment printer BT-12 is the most affordable on the market. It can be used to create personal designs, or for custom t-shirt printing through Etsy and eBay. The Roland Versa Studio BT-12 comes with a finishing tray that is easy to use. It is awash in brilliant inks and boasts 1200 dpi printing resolution.

The BN-20 is a fantastic choice for busy shops, particularly beginning-ups. The VersaStudio can print on a range of products, including t-shirts, hats and car decals. Because of its small size, it can be tucked away in any shop. Versa Studio cuts printed images without the need to weed.

The Versa BN-20 has superior color quality and can transform any business product into profit. Its ability to cut and print high-quality graphics right from your computer makes it an ideal choice for business clothing. The BN-20 printer features integrated contour cutting, as well as a vast range of materials that can be printed. It doesn't matter if you need a single job or just a small number of shirts this is the perfect machine for you.

The BN-20a is also equipped with an optional cutter the SRP2500. This machine is compatible with all Roland printers. It also comes with an SRP2500 cutting tool. The BN-20a's SRConveyor2 software permits precise cutting and automatic trimming of the perimeter. Both machines require an Windows PC computer with plenty of RAM for proper operation. The Roland Versa Studio is also compatible with SolJet printers.

The type of printing is what makes these custom t-shirt printers unique. The Versa Studio can print on any type of shirt, including dark-colored shirts. While the Versa Studio is more versatile than the Versa, you will require additional paper. The Versa Studio is less expensive, but it is more flexible.