Custom Embroidery Patch

What to Look For When Ordering a Custom Embroidery Patch

These patches can be embroidered and are a great promotional product with a number of advantages. They are cost-effective per item and have excellent margins. They can be customized for different needs, like ironing on uniforms or clothing or giving the patches away at trade fairs to boost brand awareness. The classic patches are made of high-quality fabric with textured threading. They can accommodate designs that are available in nine or more colours. This article will cover the most popular uses of patches and what to look for when placing an order.

Embroidered patches

If you're not sure whether you'd like to purchase a patch for your team or just for personal use, you can reach out to online for custom embroidery services. Based on your needs they will send you an estimate. After approval of the design, the custom patches will be produced and delivered to you. Based on the quantity of patches you wish to purchase, you can select from a variety of pricing options. Here are a few of the most frequently requested options:

Heat Seal backing: This backing is similar to an Iron backing and forms a bond between the Embroidered Patch and fabric. This kind of attachment isn't possible to make using a normal home iron. The patch needs to be attached using increased temperatures and pressure. This kind of attachment can be done using a heat press machine. The final product will look exactly the way you expected. You can then apply a patch to your hat or dress.

Patches printed: Although these patches are more expensive than patches that are embroidered, they have an attractive and striking design. They are adorned with a logo or other design element directly onto the patch. Sublimation technology embeds the logo into the fabric, which results in a smooth, long-lasting and clean appearance. This method is ideal for causes, bold statements or photos-like art. The most appealing aspect is that the patches can be made with any kind of material.

If you're looking to buy an embroidered patch made specifically for your team or organization, consider contacting Artwear Inc. in North Carolina. Embroidered patches that are made from fabric that is resistant to fade are a sturdy and cost-effective method of making a an impact in fashion. They are simple to apply and remove and also show your pride in your team. They can also be washed multiple times without getting faded. They are a great option for industries with high activity levels, such as fire departments.

While embroidered patches are placed on clothing, they can be affixed to any other item, like bags for sports or jackets. You can create the perfect patch for your team with the high-quality materials used for custom patches. The embroidered patches are a great option to promote your business's brand's image. These wearable art pieces are also an inexpensive way to showcase your embroidery skills. It doesn't matter what your reason for creating custom patches, you'll be happy you did!

Different types of backing

Embroidered patches with adhesive backing are great for projects that are short-term. They are simple to attach to garments, however, the adhesive isn't long-lasting after a certain period of time. There are a myriad of options for backing, including velcro or twill regardless of the function of the patch. These are the most common. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks. Learn more about which one is suitable for your custom patch.

The backing material is a crucial aspect to consider when designing your personal embroidery patch. The backing material is the most crucial element in the final design. The material should be able of adhering to the patch. A solid backing is better than one that is soft because it will prevent the patch from detaching from the garment in adverse conditions. There is no right or wrong backing material. However, it is important to think about the overall appearance of the final product.

The backing of your custom embroidery patches can vary. Cotton is the ideal choice for backing. If you intend to keep your patch in use for a long time then you should consider iron-on backing. Other materials like nylon and polyester are more likely to come off with the iron. Iron-on backing is not recommended for leather or other pliable materials. If you intend to use your personalized embroidery patches for a short time, you may choose adhesive backing.

Plastic backing is a popular choice for regular patches. It gives the patches a firm structure and helps them to keep their shape. It is possible to use this kind of backing on any size patch, including ones with button loops. Plastic backing is thin enough to be sewn onto fabric. You can choose between iron-on or plastic backings based on your needs. The most suitable backing for personalized embroidery patches is one that's durable and flexible enough for every occasion.

Iron-on backing is an option for those who don't want to invest in Velcro. Iron-on backing is great for clothes that aren't worn for sports, but it's not sufficient security for active-lifestyle pursuits. However, it is $0.10 per patch. These patches are great for giveaways with a promotional theme. If you're looking to save the cost, you can select an iron-on backing, which is ideal for promotional items.


There are a variety of sizes for custom-designed embroidery patches. They can be used on any type of clothing, including uniforms and work clothes. They can be applied to all types of apparel, such as caps, jackets and hats. The size of the artwork determines the size of custom patches. For instance, a small patch will be about a half-inch wide and one-inch high. Thus, the sizes of small patches must be chosen based on the application or placement.

There are several pricing options for custom embroidery patches. The cost of custom embroidery patches is usually determined by a variety of factors. The two main ones are the percentage of embroidery on the patch and its size. Below are a few of the most sought-after sizes of patches. Once you have decided on the size, it's time to figure out the cost. You can get the best price by choosing the right size. However, prices cannot be guaranteed. It is best to speak to the sales representative to get an exact estimate.

You can also select an appropriate border style with your patches. Merrow(r) borders are thought to be the standard and provide a classic look. If you want to create an eye-catching design, you can use metallic threads. These are available in many colors and add to your creative freedom. Besides, all orders include up to seven free thread colors. You can select from hundreds of thread colors to create custom patches.

Custom patches are more adaptable and adaptable than embroidered patches. They are printed on durable canvas material and then sewed on using colored thread. You can choose vivid colors and complex designs with custom patches as they are printed on fabric. Your logo will also stand out when you use custom patches. They can be utilized to promote your brand in the marketplace. Also, since they are fashionable, they make excellent promotional items. They can be incorporated into a variety garments and promoted your brand.


The price of an embroidered area can be determined based on the size of your patch. Simply add the length and width of your patch, then divide by 2. If your patch measures 4 5 x 4, you can divide 9 inches by 2 to make 4 1/2 inches. In the end, you'll pay $18.75 an inch. The same principle applies to patches of different colors, however the prices will differ. Talk to a sales representative for accurate pricing.

A professional can digitize any design or concept and offer an outstanding patch for the price of. The service is usually charged as only once, but can be used again to complete other projects. The cost for digitization can vary from $10 up to $60. It's a great choice for those with an idea of a certain design but don't want to invest a lot of money.

Custom embroidered patches are a great way to spread your company's message across the globe. The patches are made of the finest materials and created with precision to create a unique and high-quality product. Your patch will be proudly displayed and will attract compliments. Your business will be remembered, and your business will be benefited by the attention it receives. A custom embroidered patch can be yours for an affordable price.