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Vincent Wutkee Collects College Baseball Hats

Vincent Wutkee has a large collection of baseball hats from college. It includes all the teams in the College World Series, as and some of the most obscure. Wutkee began collecting baseball hats when he received his first hat from Louisiana State University. As an Mormon missionary in Louisiana, Wutkee was a big fan of the game and decided to begin collecting hats for college baseball. His aim was to collect hats representing every letter of the alphabet, and also all the schools that participate in the College World Series.

Sports fans

These iconic caps are a must-have for all college baseball fans. It's okay to have more than one, but it's best to diversify your collection. Not only can you show your team loyalty and support your team, but you could also buy one each season to keep your collection fresh. Whatever the motivation, a baseball hat will be an excellent choice for a sports lover.

A lanyard for college baseball is a useful, low-cost item that's useful and usually free. A lanyard with an emblem of the team makes it easy to identify you. A lanyard can be practical and an excellent way to meet other fans during the game. You'll be having a lot of fun and could even engage in with someone while wearing one.

Razorbacks fans are awestruck by beer mug hats. A lot of them wear beer caps on their mugs when they are in situations where bases are loaded. Tran even purchased an official flag to go with his hats. Tran and his buddies are known to wave it when their team is able to score with bases full. The celebration has been dubbed the "beer run" by fans.


It's easy to find the perfect college baseball cap if you are a baseball enthusiast. The NCAA Shop provides a range of colors, styles, and even adjustable baseball caps. Bucket hats and knit hats are also available. If the weather is hot a concern, a NCAA knit hat is an ideal choice.

These baseball hats will let you show your support for your college basketball team. To create a unique style you can mix and match college baseball caps with other gear. These hats are ideal to wear for you're tailgating. You can even match your hat to your team's shirt and pants. This will let you show your team spirit wherever you go.


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Lids are the best option when you're looking for an excellent College Baseball hat. Not only are their hats comfortable, but they're also functional. Lids baseball caps are created with mesh panels that are breathable that wick moisture away and an individual-fitting construction. Plus, they're stylish, too. No matter what sport you play, you'll feel good in Lids hats! Lids hat!

Lids is the largest online retailer of licensed headwear. You can find sports hats that are worn by all major teams as well as niche categories like college basketball and college baseball. Lids offers both custom and traditional designs. Lids also provides an extensive selection of clothing and accessories from the top brands. The collection of collegiate hats will encourage you to wear the colors of your team. A Lids baseball cap will make you look great and show your college pride.

Vincent Wutkee

The Vincent Wutkee college baseball collection of hats is a stunning one. It includes every team of the College World Series, as also obscure teams. When he was a missionary for Mormonism in Louisiana in 1989, he started collecting baseball caps from colleges. He was a long-time fan of baseball and became obsessed with collecting hats. He wanted one for every letter of the alphabet. Today, Wutkee has nearly 230 college baseball caps.

In addition to hats Wutkee also collects hats. One time Wutkee wore a University of New Orleans baseball hat to a dinner date with Shain. The hat says "NO," which he wanted to convey the right message to a prospective partner. Wutkee's collection of hats has grown to the point that he purchases five to fifteen new hats every year. He also saves money to buy new ones. His wife is waiting patiently for him to make his next purchase.
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